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mobile recording service, CD artwork, CD design

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Choir Recording

Over the years we have made hundreds of CD recordings for choirs as diverse as the English Baroque Choir, and the Choir of York Minster to the Black Umfolosi singers from Zambia. Male Voice choirs are a speciality and recent recordings include the Gentlemen Songsters of Dudley, Millhouse Green, Louth , Colne Valley, Steeton MVC, Haydock and Durham.
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Brass Band Recording
Getting a great Brass Band recording is one of the most technically demanding of skills and we we have made some great brass band recordings from bands such as EYMS, Haverhill, Clacton On Sea, and Trinity Brass to smaller bands like Barton, Bakewell and Sandleheath right down to small village bands like Leyburn and Reeth in the Dales.
The choice of venue is vital in getting a good sound and clicking on the image to the right you can view a video of a recent recording session with Barton Town Band. The sharp eyed among you will spot that it is edited from a couple of different pieces but the point is to show you that you need a big open venue to get a good brass recording and as a rule of thumb you should be able to fit the band in at least 4 times and it must have a high pitched ceiling. If you are considering making a recording take some photos on a digital camera and email them to me.


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We recently bought some fantastic new Ribbon microphones that enabled us to get a great recording of the operatic Soprano Rachel Orr, but whatever your group from a large orchestra to a solo instrumentalist we have the experience to get the best out of your recording session. But don't just take our word for it go to the Contacts page and email or call any of our previous clients to hear what they say about Reelsound.




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