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mobile recording service, CD artwork, CD design

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Reelsound has always striven to keep up with the latest improvements in mobile recording equipment and over the last 20 years has constantly updated sound recording gear and particularly microphones. To maintain the best sound quality available one piece of equipment that has been a consistent part of our recording equipment from the very beginning, the Soundfield microphone.
The Soundfield has been around for about 25 years in various guises and is arguably one of the most versatile microphones in the world. The first Soundfield microphone was developed by the National Research Development Corporation and Calrec Audio based on the work of mathematician Michael Gerzon and formed the heart of an incredibly accurate surround sound system known as Ambisonics.

The basics of ambisonics is that the Soundfield microphone contains 4 separate capsules arranged in such a way that the engineer can record the whole sound environment around the microphone, above, below and behind as well as infront. Not only can the mic be set to any of the conventional pick up patterns but it has the advantage that the direct/ambient sound balance and stereo width can be adjusted from the control unit without having to physically move the microphone. But there is much more to it than that! With ambisonics the entire sound environment can be recreated back in the studio.

As recording gear has developed over the years so the recording format has changed from analogue tape to digital tape and now direct to disc recording. Digital editing on a software platform has made huge advances and at the heart of our mobile recording equipment we have two Pentium 4 2.8 GiG laptops configured solely for audio recording with Steinberg Nuendo software giving us the finest recording standard available up to 96K at 32bit . Often just recording in stereo to two tracks on the computer gives a fantastic result.

However larger projects involving orchestras may require the use of more microphones and we have built up a huge list of quality condenser mics over the years with models by AKG, Neuman, Sure, Sennheiser, Rode and recent additions by ADK, Audio Technica and recently Hebden Sound.

Back in the studio everything is monitored on a pair of Rogers LS3/5A speakers developed as nearfield monitors by the BBC.





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