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mobile recording service, CD artwork, CD design

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Whether you are recording a choir, recording a brass band or recording an orchestra preparing for the recording session is vital. Being prepared has not only served the boy scouts well but is an invaluable piece of advice when it comes to the recording session. It can be a big decision to make a recording but there are a number of useful tips to make sure that the day of the recording is a pleasant and successful experience.
First of all make sure everyone knows the date of the recording session....... Secondly make sure everyone knows the date of the recording session.
Next you need to look carefully at the choice of material you want to record. Always choose material that you know you can play well rather than attempting material that is beyond your standard. Its far better to have all the material of a good standard and remember your rivals will always want to hear a bad performance!
Just because a CD can hold 75 minutes of music don’t think that you have to fill it. Decide on anything up to 14 or 15 pieces that you are confident with thogh the avarage number of tracks is 12.. A running time of anything around 45 minutes to an hour is fine and even if you are wonderful after an hour the listener will want a change.
Choose a variety of material with some light and shade so that there are different moods on the CD unless of course it is your intention to produce a CD of hymns or songs from the shows.
I can’t stress enough the importance of the venue and if you can do so, get a rehearsal in there so there are no surprises on the day of the recording.
Practice, practice, practice. By the day of the recording you need to be ready and recording sessions are expensive if they are used for rehearsal purposes.
Do try and prepare some artwork before the recording session. Often it’s the artwork design and preparation that can hold up a project and if you start to prep it before the session we can take something away to be working on.
Its always a good idea to have drinks and snacks available at the venue and work out a schedule so that regular breaks are worked into the day. Finally have a deadline in mind for the delivery of the CDs. It might be a concert or you may simply want the CDs to sell before Christmas but it helps to set an itinery for the whole project.



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