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mobile recording service, CD artwork, CD design

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The Session

The recording session is obviously the most important part of the whole process and there are a number that you can do to ensure everything goes according to plan. Take a look at the page on Preparation on the website to see first of all how you should approach the recording session.

The modern mobile recording studio now comes complete on a laptop computer with a series of connecting boxes and a selection of microphones and stands. On the day of the recording I will arrive in plenty of time to set up though really all the gear can be set up now inside an hour unless we need to run really long cable runs and the musicians can be warming up while this goes on. Once everything is in place then we will record a couple of short pieces to check for levels and microphone placement and when we are all happy then the recording session will start. I will record the first piece and then will sit and listen back with the MD and a score and mark any parts that can be done better. If the piece is not really that good (nerves etc) then we may do the whole piece again and then check with the score. Any edits will then be done a number of times if necessary to ensure that we have everything covered . Modern Digital editing enables us to drop in a single word or even a single note though of course you may want to go back to the beginning of a phrase to get the feel of the piece but the days of going over the whole piece time and time again are long gone.

That is really how the day will progress and it is hard work to keep concentration to get the best result. Obviously regular breaks need to be planned and of course for brass players there is only a limit to how long they can blow before their lips begin to go and brass recordings are always best done over a two day session.

My aim is to be able to walk away from the session knowing that for every bar of the score I have a good take on the system knowing that I can edit it togetherback in the studio to get a great result





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